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Website Management

We have the markets most user-friendly tool to manage your website

Why do I need a tool to manage my website?

A website management tool, or content management tool (CMS), is a software that helps you create and update your website. If you decide to create a website that only has one or two pages that will rarely need updating, then having access to a CMS might be unnecessary. However, for most businesses, a larger and continuously updated website is needed.

A content management system will allow business owners and employees to easily manage multiple pages, and to make changes or additions to your website down the line. At Pinevision, we provide all of our clients with our own content management system which will make it easier to do things like edit existing pages, publish new pages, add new text or images, and much more! 

Our content management system, epage, is specifically built for users with little or no coding experience. Once your website is fully developed by our professional design team, managing your website is simple and easy to learn.

The markets most user-friendly tool to manage your website

With epage, we strive to develop the market's most user-friendly tool to manage your website. Thanks to epage, we can offer our clients a comprehensive solution that includes search engine optimization, mobile customization, and responsiveness. We are constantly developing the tool and it has never been so easy to manage and update your webpage as it is today. 

Our goal is for epage to be so easy to use that you don't think about it, allowing you to put all of your efforts into creating amazing websites. While we strive for the ease of use with epage, it is equally important that all professional users (eg web designers) should not feel hindered. epage comes with a wide range of advanced functionalities, and we are constantly updating and improving the system. We want all designers to be able to create the amazing websites they dream about at night.