Social Media Management by Pinevision

Social media can be a great asset for your business - and our team can help you engage and interact with your network to grow your business.

What is Social Media Management?​​​​​​

Social media management is the process of managing your online presence on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter by creating, publishing, and analyzing the content you post. Managing social media also includes engaging and interacting with social media users.
If your customers are using social media, it is an important channel for your business to stay connected with your customer base, build new relationships, and ultimately generate additional revenue for your business. 

Why do I need to think about my social media strategy?

Businesses can utilize social media platforms at all stages of the marketing funnel, from building brand recognition to boosting website traffic and conversion. But you'll need to develop an effective social media strategy to be able to do this. One key factor to being successful is consistency. You need to provide your social media users with a constant flow of relevant content in order to see significant results and engagement. This is where a lot of businesses struggle, and why hiring someone to manage your social media could be a great way to start this process. 

How does it work, and what will I get?

Planning & Strategy 

We always start a new social media management project with a planning meeting, either in person or over the web. In this meeting, we will define goals and make a plan for your social media presence. This includes discussing what type of content is most relevant to your network, and how we can utilize that to engage potential customers. We will also plan a schedule for content to be posted. 

Setup & Optimization

After the initial planning meeting, our team will set up and optimize all your social media profiles. This includes linking and integrating your social media platforms with your website and analytics to ensure we can track results, and allow your visitors to have a seamless experience across all of your digital channels. 

Content Creation

Our team will help you post your original content on your social media channels, and also provide and post articles and other content relevant to your network across all your social media platforms to make sure that there is a constant flow of content for your network to interact with. 


Our team will help you respond to comments, user reviews, and any other interactions on your social media platforms. Engaging directly with your network is a key part of being successful with social media, and our team will be available to interact on behalf of your business, day in and day out. 

Social Media Management

  • Social Media Strategy Consultation
  • Set up and optimization of social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter). 
  • 1 post per month with relevant, industry-specific content researched and edited by our team.
  • Up to 3 posts per month with content created or researched by your team.
  • Daily engagement and interaction with your social media users (responses, comments, likes, and more).

$99 / month

+ $0 Setup Fee